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SpacePak – Central Air Conditioning for Radiator and Hot Water Heated Homes

Repair And Installation

Air conditioning for hot water heated homes without the mess and destruction of existing walls, floors and ceilings in your home

Largest SpacePak Installer In The Country

We're the largest installer of SpacePak in the country and recognized as the leader in air conditioning for hot water heated homes. Clients who demand historical preservation have relied on us to install SpacePak in their grand old homes. We've been chosen for historical preservation projects as far away as Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and Galena, Illinois because:

Free SpacePak installation proposal for your home

SpacePak Air Conditioning Home System DiagramIf you're considering a SpacePak system for your home or have a question regarding the SpacePak system you currently have, give us a call. We'll show you why our clients have relied on us for years to provide expertise when it comes to the service and installation of SpacePak. Call and make an appointment that is convenient for you. Our SpacePak expert will arrive on time, listen to your needs, analyze your home's needs and prepare a written proposal.
Call 847-941-0792.

Before SpacePak air conditioning, owners of older homes with radiator heat struggled to find ways to add central air conditioning to their homes without tearing apart their structure. Installation of normal ductwork for AC systems required removing large sections of walls, floors, or ceilings, or adding unsightly chase boxes. With SpacePak mini-duct air conditioning, these concerns became a thing of the past. These quiet AC systems distribute high velocity cooled air through small 2" flexible tubes that can be threaded through floors, ceilings, and walls. Disruption to your home is minimal and cooling relief is maximized.

About SpacePak mini-duct central AC systems

SpacePak mini-duct systems deliver superior comfort

SpacePak pioneered and perfected the concept of  "aspiration." The concept ultilizes a high velocity air stream that gently mixes with the air in the room for a uniform, draft-free, comfortable environment. Hot and cold spots as well as annoying drafts, common with conventional heating and cooling systems or window units, are virtually eliminated. Rooms throughout the house stay a comfortable, uniform temperature. SpacePak's unique cooling method removes 30% more humidity from the air than traditional systems. This means that even in the warmest, most humid month, the air in your home will be dryer and more comfortable.Free Home Heating & Air Conditioning Replacement Cost Proposal

FAST, same day North Shore, Illinois area SpacePak air conditioning repair services from clean, courteous technicians

Call and make an appointment that's convenient for you. We'll show up on time, listen to your needs, diagnose your SpacePak system problems, make recommendations and help you determine the best solution based on your wants and your particular situation. We promise to take great care of your home. Our SpacePak repair technicians wear shoe covers, put down drop cloths, are trained to perform the work you need and will thoroughly clean up the work area. We follow up with a phone call to be sure you are satisfied. We stand by everything we do.

SpacePak history

The SpacePak system can be categorized as a high velocity system, or a mini-duct system. The system was first invented in 1946 by an engineer, Calvin McCracken (1920-1999) in a home in River Edge, New Jersey. The system was named Jet-Heet, since it’s basic design incorporated some of the principles of the jet engine. This design used a furnace to deliver hot air through small insulated ducts to rooms throughout the house.

In 1960, fourteen years after the initial installation, and after 2000 similair installations, the Jet-Heet system went into quantity production. At Jet-Heet, the product evolved into adding a companion air conditioning component to their system, called Jet-Cool. Over the next few years, the company became very successful and caught the eye of a company called Space-Conditioning Inc. located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Space-Conditioning purchased the Jet-Heet company, and you guessed it, changed the name of the the product line to Spacepak. The rest is history. Since that time, til today, Spacepak has been synoymous with the highest grade central air conditioning system.