SpacePak Central Air: Preserving Architectural & Aesthetic Integrity for Older Homes

Residents who live in one of Park Ridge’s older homes love them for their charm and fabulous curb appeal. If there’s one challenge to these homes, though, it’s that they were designed and built before the introduction of central air conditioning. That means unless they’ve been renovated, most don’t have the ductwork needed for modern AC systems. With Park Ridge’s nearly 4-month muggy season bringing oppressive conditions to the area, homeowners must look for alternate ways to keep their homes comfortable.

American Vintage Home is pleased to offer Park Ridge, IL residents who own older homes a modern air conditioning solution that fits within their home’s framework. The SpacePak system delivers excellent cooling and comfort while seamlessly blending into a home’s decor.

How the SpacePak Air Conditioning System Works

SpacePak uses an innovative technology known as high-velocity aspiration, which means to “draw up gas.” Air streams created by the system create a gentle, continual mix of air that delivers comfort to every room in your older Park Ridge, IL home. System highlights include:

  • Flexible ductwork that fits inside existing wall and floor cavities. There’s no need to gut walls or add bulkheads as required by conventional air conditioning systems.
  • The ability to place vents anywhere, including in walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Energy-saving temperature zoning capabilities.

A whole-house comfort solution that’s ideal for vintage homes, SpacePak offers premium air circulation and draft-free comfort, and you never experience hot or cold spots.

Superior Comfort Throughout the Home

SpacePak’s revolutionary air conditioning system lets you and your family enjoy even air temperatures throughout your Park Ridge home without the inconvenience of separate units in each room. The system is designed to blend in with your home’s existing structure, so you never have to compromise your home’s classic beauty and charm.

SpacePak AC Systems Repairs and Maintenance

Largest Spacepak Installers in the CountryAmerican Vintage Home is the Park Ridge area’s premiere SpacePak system installer and repair service. We confidently stand behind every SpacePak repair and maintenance job we do, and we don’t consider a job complete until you’re 100% satisfied. If you’re interested in the Unico system, we have you covered there, too!

For more information on how the SpacePak system can bring cooling comfort to your older Park Ridge, IL home, contact American Vintage Home online or call us at 847-999-4595 to schedule an appointment today!

SpacePak FAQs

Is the SpacePak AC system noisy?

Newly installed SpacePak systems generate the same level of noise as new conventional forced air systems. Special tubing near all the vents acts as a buffer to reduce sound from the system’s high-velocity process.

Do SpacePak systems offer the same comfort as conventional air conditioning systems?

Yes, and sometimes more so! SpacePak systems can remove up to 30% more moisture from the air than conventional forced-air air conditioning systems, a welcome benefit during Park Ridge’s high-humidity summers.

How long does it take to install a SpacePak or Unico system?

It generally takes five to seven workdays, depending on the size of your home. We want to make sure your installation fits your home perfectly and delivers optimal system performance.