About Daniel

Originally from Wales, Daniel moved to Illinois in 2011. Daniel and his partner have 5 young children between them, as well as 3 dogs, 2 hamsters, a gecko, a guinea pig, and fish. In his spare time, Daniel loves having fun with his family, watching movies, and fixing broken things. He dreams of retiring to New Zealand.

Daniel started his career as an auto mechanic as a teenager and has been working in technical roles ever since. He enjoys finding solutions to problems and helping make clients’ homes function more effectively and efficiently.


What to Expect from Your First Appointment

When Daniel visits your home, he will listen to your concerns and thoughts as to how you are seeking to improve your home environment. He will ask you open questions and discuss ideas with you to arrive at the best solution. Daniel may take measurements in your home in order to determine best size and placement of any new equipment and will educate you on the options we offer.

After the visit, you should expect a proposal in a timely manner followed up by a phone call to review your alternatives. When you have decided how to move forward, Daniel will work with our Installation Manager to ensure that the process is clear, smooth, and stress-free. Our success is measured only by the complete satisfaction of our clients.