Here’s the Deal:

  • $99 ($339 value!) to unclog and restore drain flow for a fully clogged residential interior drain or sewer drain
  • Effectively restores flow to get water moving through your pipes again
  • Must have an accessible entry point into the sewer line
  • Does not include routine maintenance or cleaning of complete sewer system
  • Valid for customers in our immediate service area—if outside our immediate service area, please call for discounted pricing information
  • Homeowner must be present at the time of service
  • Offer limited to restoration of flow through one easily accessible cleanout in a single-family residence—more thorough cleaning or cleaning through additional access points not included
  • Must be scheduled during normal business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday)
  • Not valid for commercial buildings
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Includes recommendations and pricing for any necessary repairs

 And the REAL Deal:

  • Pipes flowing smoothly and cause of blockage pinpointed
  • A comprehensive and detailed report on how to keep pipes clean!

Signs You Need Professional Drain Clearing

The top five signs you need professional drain clearing are:

  • Slow drain
  • Standing water accumulation
  • Unusual noises from a faucet or toilet
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Frequently clogged drains

Benefits of Professional Drain Clearing

Cleaning your own drains means you miss out on some crucial benefits that come with professional drain clearing. You avoid over-the-counter drain solutions that can harm your plumbing, and a professional can go deep into the pipes to eliminate hidden problems. You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pipes are completely cleared.

Take Advantage of This Offer Today

We know how much a clogged drain can disrupt your day. That’s why we make this offer available to all of our customers. Get your plumbing system working properly—without breaking the bank. Schedule an appointment online to arrange your drain clearing service today. To learn more about this service or to speak with one of our representatives, call American Vintage Home at 847.999.4595 or contact us online today.