If your air conditioner or furnace are driving your nuts or are more than twelve years old, it’s time to consider replacing them. Take advantage of our incredible offer and get an 80% gas furnace absolutely FREE with the purchase of a high efficiency air conditioning system.

  • convenient financing available!
  • free, no obligation, in-home consultation
  • high quality, new, brand-name equipment

HURRY! The offer expires 2/28/2021

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  1. Is the offer limited to one furnace and one A/C?
    No. The offer can be used multiple times at the same residence or multiple times by the same customer.
  2. Is there only one furnace and one A/C model available for this offer?
    No. The free furnace is good for an 80% efficient gas furnace from Amana that has multiple size and model options. PLUS, if you prefer, you can choose to upgrade the furnace and get a credit for the value of the 80% efficient furnace instead. The A/C must be an Amana high-efficiency system, but again, there are several sizes and models available to choose from. An engineering consultant can help you determine which models would be best for your home.
  3. If I want to upgrade to a higher end or higher efficiency furnace, can I?
    Yes, you can upgrade and receive a credit for the value of the 80% efficient furnace, but you will need to pay the balance.
  4. How much is the value of the 80% efficient furnace?
    It depends on the size and model that would best suit your home, but the furnace is typically valued between $1,800 and $2,000.
  5. Will this offer work for customers with boiler heat?
    This specific offer is not applicable to a boiler heated home, but we have another exciting offer available through February. That is our 7% boiler installation discount. For this month only, we are taking off the profit margin that we normally make on boiler installs. There is a tremendous amount of savings available in February because it is one of our slowest months, and we want to keep our good people busy. Depending on your home’s needs, the 7% February discount can be every bit as valuable as the free furnace promotion, if not more so.
  6. Do you have financing options?
    Yes. We offer 12 Month Same As-Cash Financing or a 6.99% 7 Year Loan for those that qualify. See details here.
  7. When will the offer expire?
    The offer is set to expire 2/28/2021.