Furnace & Boiler Repair Services

When issues arise with your furnace or boiler, it’s pertinent to schedule repairs with us ASAP. A system failure is never a fun situation, let alone in the dead of winter; we will be there, industry-leading equipment in hand, to diagnose your issue and provide the best possible solution. Don’t go long without that much-needed heat — contact us as soon as you notice any problems with your unit!

Furnace & Boiler Installation & Replacement in Kenilworth

Sometimes, repairs don’t work. If your furnace or boiler is beyond repair, it’s likely time for a replacement. If your unit is over 10 years old, isn’t producing adequate heat, or has shut down completely, you need to look into upgrading your unit ASAP. Our installation services are designed to guarantee your home is ready for the winter!

Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance is a surefire way to keep your furnace or boiler working as it should. These systems work hard to take care of you and should be taken care of in return. Routine inspections and tune-ups will inevitably extend the life span of your unit and help prevent future repairs or replacements. Our maintenance process is simple and affordable, so you can rest a little easier at night.

Steam Heating Systems in Kenilworth

Steam heaters are common in older homes, and they provide a heating method that isn’t seen in more modern homes. If your heater is on the fritz, we will be there to diagnose the problem and fix it as needed. We also offer maintenance services on steam heaters, ensuring your unit is always up to the task of keeping you and your home warm.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our steam heating services!

In-Floor Heating Systems

Radiant in-floor heating removes the bulk of traditional radiators but provides more of that desirable heat! These efficient systems are ideal for several reasons, making them a popular option among homeowners. When you’re considering in-floor heating installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services, you know who to call.

Radiator Heating Systems

Older homes often rely on radiators to stay warm. The radiator heating services offered at American Vintage Home cover a wide range of systems such as hot water and steam radiators as well as baseboard heaters. We offer installations, replacements, maintenance, and repair on these systems, so you can be sure you and your home are always covered.

Kenilworth Thermostat Services

It pays off to have a quality, advanced thermostat. American Vintage Home offers programmable thermostat and Wi-Fi thermostat services, so you can easily attain the appropriate home temperature to meet your comfort and safety needs. Our thermostat services include new installations and replacement services!

Good heating is vital when it comes to staying warm and cozy throughout the colder seasons.

Call American Vintage Home today at 847-999-4595 or contact us online to schedule a heating service with us!