Older Homes Are Our Expertise in the Chicago and Evanston Area

At American Vintage Home, we pride ourselves on understanding and preserving older homes. If your home relies on steam heating to stay warm, we can help you replace your existing system without sacrificing your home’s architecture. Even more, we’ll recommend cost-efficient ways to improve your comfort without breaking the bank.

We know that abandoning your old and reliable steam heating system can seem daunting. But with a new system, you can heat your home for less money and pay only for what you need. Older systems may seem fascinating and even charming because of their history. But that charm goes right out the window when you’re paying far more than you should for heating! We know all there is about heating installation in older homes, which is why we want to be the ones to help you with your steam heating needs today!

steam boiler maintenance needed in a residential home in Wilmette, il

Keep Your System in Top Condition With Routine Maintenance

To get the most out of your investment, it’s important to have your system serviced annually by an HVAC professional. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Wilmette, Oak Park, or elsewhere in the Chicago North Shore area. Our harsh Illinois winters will naturally wear your system down over time.

American Vintage Home has decades of experience working with steam systems. We know how to properly examine your heater and correct any problems we come across. Our work ensures your heater will operate at peak performance and save you as much money as possible through the years.

We also offer a complete Home Service Plan that gives you year-round comfort, financial savings, and peace of mind. A simple monthly charge ensures that you maintain your home’s steam heating system to maximize your return on investment. Plus, you’ll get big discounts if any repairs are needed.

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We Repair All Makes & Models of Steam Heating Systems

Not sure what’s wrong with your heater? We’ll quickly diagnose your system and make the right repair to restore your comfort.

Our technicians are continually trained on all types of steam boilers and other heating systems. There is no problem we haven’t already come across and cannot fix. Rest assured, we know how to repair your system safely and correctly to bring back the heat you’ve lost.

Our Other Heating Services for Your Evanston and Chicago Home

American Vintage Home specializes in additional boiler services, including:

Our experience and knowledge allow us to service your system in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. When you want the very best for your heating comfort, we’re always here to put your needs first and exceed your expectations.

Let American Vintage Home help you with your older home’s heating needs, including heating installation. Call 847-999-4595 or contact us online for services throughout the Chicago and Evanston, IL area!

Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Heating Systems

What is a steam heating system?

Steam heating systems are most frequently found in older homes. Unlike conventional furnaces, which force heated air through a system of ducts, steam heat warms your home through a series of pipes that lead to radiators.

Are boilers considered steam heat?

A boiler furnace is part of a steam heating system. It heats water with either a gas or oil-fired burner and turns it into steam which then travels through your home’s piping system to give off heat through radiators or convectors. As the steam cools, it condenses back to water and returns to the boiler to be heated once again.

Is steam heat efficient?

One of the oldest heating technologies, steam heat is regarded as cost-effective and energy-efficient. In fact, in some areas of the country, home radiators are making a comeback. Still, it’s often considered less efficient than modern systems, as it’s more difficult to control.

How do I maintain my steam heating system?

Steam radiators require a bit of maintenance, including flushing the low-water cutoff in the boiler, inspecting the safety valve, and checking the water level gauge. Hot water radiator heaters don’t require as much work but need occasional purging and pump motor lubrication. Once a year, have an HVAC professional with experience in maintaining and repairing steam heating systems check both types of radiators.

Are there any steam heating system repairs I can do on my own?

Like any heating system, steam heating systems may need to be repaired. Most repair work is best left to a professional service provider with years of experience dealing with these types of systems.

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