At American Vintage Home, we have a special appreciation for older homes and their histories. If your steam heating system is weighing you down in energy costs and repairs, we can help you improve your comfort and maximize your long-term savings while preserving your home’s cherished features.

Do I Need to Switch to a Furnace?

steam boiler replacement job in a residential home in Evanston, ilAbsolutely not. In fact, it isn’t always practical in older homes. If your home doesn’t have ductwork or has inadequate ductwork, installing a furnace can be expensive and disruptive to your home.

Often it’s more cost-efficient to replace your system than suffer through frequent repairs. Steam system replacements typically involve installing a new boiler and making any necessary adjustments to your piping. Many homeowners prefer hot water heating over forced-air systems because homes feel warmer at lower temperatures with hot water systems. Plus, homeowners no longer need to deal with breezes generated by forced-air systems. During your free estimate, our technicians will explain your options and discuss how you can improve your comfort while making minimal changes to your home’s existing layout.

Newer Boilers Provide Ultimate Savings

Just because your home is older doesn’t mean your heater should be, too! Replacing your outdated boiler can significantly reduce your energy bills and bring a new level of comfort to your home.

Steam radiators can last for many years and don’t always need to be replaced. The main area to focus on is the steam boiler. An older boiler will require more fuel to properly heat your home. With a new ENERGY STAR® boiler, your system won’t need as much fuel to operate and you’ll be able to save more money each month. When replacing your boiler, we’ll make sure your new one will operate properly with the piping and steam radiator. We’ve been working with boilers for decades and know exactly what to look for in both your current and new system.

Custom Retrofits to Ensure Your Comfort

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all in our industry. Each home has its own unique architecture, layout and style. That’s why we offer custom solutions for each and every heating replacement.

Traditional steam boilers heat the home through one zone. This can explain why certain areas of your home are warm while others are cold. When it’s time to replace your system, we can discuss your options for creating different zones. This will give you more control over your comfort and even allow you to save money when you aren’t home.

We Cover Air Conditioning, Too

Window air conditioners are going, well, out the window! Whether your home has no ductwork or insufficient ductwork, you’re no longer restricted to window units. We install both Spacepak and Unico systems to give small-duct homes the modern-day comforts of central air conditioning. For homes without ductwork, we install ductless mini-splits to keep your home comfortable and your air clean.