HVAC Systems We Service in Des Plaines, IL

If your home has older air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems, investing in new, energy-efficient equipment can provide significant savings while keeping your home much more comfortable all year long. American Vintage Home installs and services a variety of heating and cooling equipment in the Des Plaines area, including:

We also offer Unico and SpacePak high-velocity air conditioner systems designed to fit within the framework of older homes without compromising their structural integrity.

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HVAC Installation & Replacement in Des Plaines, IL

Whether you need a new heating or cooling installation, we’re here to help! Our skilled technicians can accurately assess the best solution for your home and work tirelessly to remove your old system and replace it with your new and advanced model. And when the installation’s complete, we run tests to ensure the new system works as intended!

To schedule HVAC installation or replacement, contact us online.

HVAC Repair in the Des Plaines, IL

Is your HVAC system exhibiting any of these signs and symptoms?

  • Loud, unusual noises
  • Abnormal smells
  • Combustion issues
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Thermostat issues
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Short-cycling
  • Trouble powering on
  • Uneven heating or cooling

The system likely needs repair to restore proper functioning and comfortable temperatures.

To schedule services for any HVAC system issue, call American Vintage Home at 847-999-4595 or contact us online as soon as you notice anything unusual!

Des Plaines, IL HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance from American Vintage Home keeps your home’s systems operating at peak performance. Our heating and cooling maintenance services ensure maximum unit life span, increased energy efficiency, better performance, and more!

Schedule maintenance at least once a year — in the spring for AC units and during the fall for heaters — to ensure your home’s system is prepared to meet your heating and cooling needs throughout every season.

To schedule HVAC maintenance services for your Des Plaines, IL, home, call us at 847-999-4595 or contact us online.

Plumbing Services in Des Plaines, IL

When your older Des Plaines home needs plumbing services, American Vintage Home is the one to call. We provide friendly, experienced, and reliable residential plumbing services for classic homes you can depend on. Our complete range of quality plumbing services includes everything from plumbing repairs to leak detections and repairs and water pressure restoration.

To schedule plumbing services for your older Des Plaines, IL, home, call us at 847-999-4595 or contact us online.

American Vintage Home: Your #1 Choice for Des Plaines HVAC & Plumbing Services

At American Vintage Home, we call ourselves “The Older Home Experts” for a good reason: We’ve honed our craft to offer exceptional HVAC services that preserve the character and integrity of older homes while making sure our customers are as comfortable as possible!

Make sure you and your Des Plaines, IL, home are always taken care of! Call us at 847-999-4595 or contact us online!