HVAC Systems We Service in Glenview

Our team is highly trained in a wide variety of heating and cooling systems for your home. We service the following systems:

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24/7 Heating & AC Repair Services in Glenview, IL

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

Suffering through the summer season in Glenview can be downright impossible if your air conditioning system suddenly calls it quits.

When your AC unit fails or malfunctions, American Vintage Home has 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair professionals on-call to provide the long-lasting solutions you need. Day or night, weekend or weekday, our team will be there to quickly and efficiently resolve all of your AC repair requests in no time.

Our Glenview-area air conditioning specialists have years of experience resolving even the toughest AC repair requests, including:

  • Unit won’t turn on
  • System short-cycling
  • Foul odors
  • Loud noises
  • Frozen condenser coils
  • Clogged filters
  • And much more!

Don’t let AC failure keep you from achieving total comfort in your Glenview vintage home. Call 847-999-4595 to schedule emergency AC repair!

Emergency Furnace Repairs

You should never be left without a heat source during a Glenview winter. With American Vintage Home by your side, you won’t have to be — we offer 24/7 heating repair services to quickly and efficiently resolve all of your urgent furnace service requests. From ductless mini-split systems and heat pumps to furnaces, our team can repair virtually any heating system that may be installed in your vintage home.

If you notice any of these signs that emergency heating repair is needed, it’s time to contact our team for service:

  • Yellow pilot light
  • Sudden spike in heating expenses
  • Uneven heating and cold spots in the home
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings
  • Banging, clanking, moaning noises

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HVAC Upgrades for Vintage Homes in Glenview

One of the best ways to enjoy living in a vintage home without sacrificing indoor comfort is to upgrade its heating and cooling equipment. American Vintage Home specializes in bringing modern comfort solutions to older homes throughout the Glenview region, including heating and air conditioning systems from the industry’s top-rated manufacturers.

AC Installation & Replacement

Our air conditioning installation and replacement process is second-to-none, providing homeowners with the personalized comfort solutions they need for their 100% satisfaction. Each of our air conditioning installation and replacement services follows the steps outlined below to guarantee a seamless AC service for your Glenview vintage home:

  • Engineering consultant: First, our consultant will visit your Glenview home to answer any questions and offer a detailed proposal with several AC installation or replacement options — each with upfront, honest pricing details.
  • Initial walkthrough: One of our lead technicians and our installation manager will guide you through each detail of the proposed work to be done in your home to ensure total transparency and complete understanding.
  • System installation: We’ll arrive at the appointed time, using shoe covers and dropcloths to ensure cleanliness during the installation and replacement process while also adhering to the timeline created by the installation manager.
  • Final walkthrough: The installation manager will carefully inspect all work performed by our AC installation professionals and provide you with the operational details so you can enjoy your new system.

For older homes especially, it can be difficult to achieve comprehensive cooling throughout your home without compromising its vintage character.

Our SpacePak and Unico high-velocity air conditioners offer the ability to add cooling to radiator-based systems. This small, discreet, and easy-to-conceal system is the perfect solution to preserve the character of your home.

Ensure your vintage home is equipped to handle your comfort needs: Call 847-999-4595 to schedule air conditioning installation or replacement today!

Heating Installation & Replacement

From furnaces and boilers to steam heating and radiant in-floor heating, our heating installation and replacement services have everything Glenview residents need to achieve total comfort in their vintage homes. We proudly offer a broad range of heating solutions, including:

Whether you’re installing heat for the first time or have outdated heating equipment that needs replacement, American Vintage Home can help.

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Glenview, IL HVAC Maintenance Services

The only way to ensure your heating and cooling equipment lasts for the long term is with professional HVAC maintenance. Yearly heating and air conditioning maintenance is required in order to keep your systems’ manufacturer warranties active. In addition to keeping your warranty in effect, HVAC maintenance services offer the following benefits:

  • Improved heating and cooling system performance
  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Reduced heating and air conditioning expenses
  • Extended furnace and AC unit life spans
  • Decreased spending on HVAC service requests

If it’s been more than a year since your system last received maintenance, it’s imperative that you contact the HVAC technicians at American Vintage Home.

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