Why Are Sump Pump Backups Important?

Just because your sump pump overloads, this doesn’t mean the rain will stop! Should your primary pump overload or fail, a backup pump will take over to protect your home.

To make sure you have the right system for your home, American Vintage Home offers a wide range of backup pumps, from a basic basement system to a heavy-duty Wi-Fi-enabled deluxe system. Backup sump pumps add an extra layer of protection to susceptible homes. You can have peace of mind that even during the heaviest rains your home will remain undamaged.

What Are the Benefits of Wi-Fi Backup Pumps?

The advancement of technology has created even more protective features for backup pumps. In addition to standard capabilities, Wi-Fi pumps provide:

  • Early warning diagnostics and alert notifications
  • Intensive self-test features
  • Free email and text notifications to monitor your system and alert you of any issues
  • Free mobile app and web interface
  • Weekly activation to exercise pump and extend system life

We Make Sure Your Pump Is Set Up Correctly

We take care of everything to make sure your sump pump can do its job. Our work includes:

  • All necessary piping connections
  • All necessary electrical
  • Startup and check operation of system
  • Cleanup and removal of all job site debris and equipment
  • A final inspection of your system following the installation to ensure optimum performance, reliability and maximum life

Complete Water System Service in Evanston, IL

Plumbing systems are complex and often unpredictable. When something suddenly goes wrong with your plumbing in the Chicago North Shore area, the experts at American Vintage Home are always ready to help. From drain cleaning to plumbing repair, there is nothing our skilled plumbers can’t handle. We use our experience and expertise to quickly restore your comfort and correct every problem with your system. Most importantly, we provide unparalleled customer service and treat your home with the utmost respect and consideration.