Toilet Installation & Replacement for Older Chicago Homes

Toilets can last decades when properly cared for, but it’s crucial that homeowners replace these appliances in a timely fashion to avoid catastrophic water damage. Especially if you’ve experienced the following, it’s critical that you schedule toilet replacement services for your vintage home:

  • Obvious signs of damage, including chips and cracks
  • Increased repair requests
  • Poor water pressure
  • Toilets are decades old and failing to perform

If you recently purchased a vintage home in the North Shore area and are unsure when your toilets were initially installed, it’s a good idea to schedule replacement services to avoid more pressing plumbing issues. American Vintage Homes has the professionals you need to ensure your older home has properly functioning plumbing.

Chicago North Shore Toilet Repair for Older Homes

There are many signs homeowners can watch for that will indicate the need for toilet repairs in their older homes. Watch for the following signs to know when it’s time to contact American Vintage Homes for your toilet repair services:

  • Failure to flush
  • Running constantly
  • Excessive noise
  • Overflows regularly
  • Bowl is dry
  • Tank doesn’t fill
  • Leakage

Toilets in older homes can be especially finicky, requiring assistance from trained professionals experienced in dealing with outdated plumbing systems. American Vintage Home’s expert plumbing team has the skills and experience necessary to handle virtually any toilet repair need in your older home.

We’ll deliver fast, effective repair services to keep your system running for the long term. Contact us today to schedule toilet repair services for your North Shore-area vintage home.

American Vintage Home for Chicago’s Toilet Plumbing Needs

Whether you have a toilet in need of urgent repair or are looking to replace a failing system, American Vintage Home has the experts you need to address the plumbing problems in your older home. We proudly serve residents throughout the North Shore, including Winnetka and Evanston.

Contact us to schedule toilet repair, replacement, or installation services for your vintage home today.