The Difference With Water Filtration Systems

The best assurance against contaminated water is a water filtration system. These systems remove the chemicals that local treatment facilities can’t and reduce your chances of consuming the contaminants often present in tap and bottled water.

Stop settling for water that looks healthy—and instead enjoy water that is healthy.

What’s In Your Water?

Your water contains a number of different contaminants, including:

  • Chlorine and chloramines have been linked to a wide range of serious illnesses. You might not know it, but you will inhale and consume more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than you would by drinking eight glasses of the same water.
  • Giardia is a chlorine-resistant protozoan that can cause severe gastrointestinal illness.
  • Cyst is a parasite that can cause mild gastrointestinal illness.
  • Lead seeps into pipe systems from lead solder that was largely used in copper pipes until 1987. Lead delays development in children and can cause kidney and blood pressure problems in adults.
  • VOCs are chemical contaminants that are dissolved in water-based products such as insecticides and herbicides.

 We Are the Experts on Water Filtration Systems

With so many options, it’s not easy to know which system is right for your home. That’s where the experts at American Vintage Home come in.

We have spent years working with water filtration systems. After identifying the contaminants present in your water supply, we will help you make an informed decision. This gives you peace of mind that your new system is not only a reliable choice—but the right choice.

Our Water Filtration Solutions/Products Include:

  • Free Water Test

    To find out the amount of chlorine in your water, the pH level, whether you have a scale problem or even how to improve your water’s taste, schedule a free water test with one of our trained engineering consultants. Because we offer so many water filtration products, we can customize a solution for your home and your family.

  • Whole-House Carbon Water Filters

    For homes on municipal water supply, carbon filtration is the way to go for clean and healthy water at every tap. All of our maintenance-free filters are self-cleaning and guaranteed for 10 years. Our carbon filters also use premium grade carbon media that significantly reduce chlorine & chloramines, making your home’s water crystal clear and great tasting. Depending on your needs, we offer carbon filters with or without hard water scale reduction capability, as well as deluxe models with varied media bed options. Our engineering consultants would be happy to do a free water test for you and find the right solution for your home.

  • Heater Guardian Sediment & Scale Filter

    Our heater guardian sediment and scale filter is a cost-effective way to minimize lime scale damage and corrosion and extend the life of your water heating system and other appliances. Specifically designed for water heaters and tankless water heater systems, the system works by first using a high-capacity sediment filter that removes silt, dirt, rust and other sediment. Then the water passes through a scale inhibitor chamber that prevents minerals from adhering to water heaters, fixtures and appliances.

  • Scale Filter/Ionizer

    Our ion filter is great for reducing hard water scale. Without removing any healthy minerals from your water, an ion filter simply changes the ionic charge of the molecules that typically stick to surfaces. The filter is installed on the main water line, before the water reaches any of your appliances or fixtures.

  • Five-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter

    Designed for use at a single tap, reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a series of membranes to remove ions, molecules and large particles from drinking water. The resulting water is exceptionally clean, but typical reverse osmosis units make the water taste rather sterile. Our five-stage reverse osmosis filter is unique because it puts the healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium back into your water after the filtering process, making the water taste great! We can even install a separate tap at your sink dedicated for the filtered water if you would prefer.