Signs You Need Water Heater Repair for Your North Shore Home

Is your water heater on the fritz? Often there are signs of problems before you wake up to find that you have no hot water at all. If you are wondering about your water heater, here are some things to watch for that may indicate it is in need of repair:

  • Your hot water has an unusual smell
  • Your hot water has an unusual color
  • You suddenly find you’re running out of hot water too quickly
  • The water comes out lukewarm, even with the right temperature setting

What to Expect from Water Heater Repair

If you call American Vintage Home for water heater repair services, we will send a qualified plumber to your home quickly. The plumber will inspect your water heater to find the source of your problem, then recommend a course of action to help you repair it. Our quotes are honest and straightforward, so you will always know what to expect.

If you are ready, we can address the repair need right then, as our plumbers always come with stocked vehicles. This means you will have a working hot water in no time when you call American Vintage Home. We offer water heater service for all types of water heaters, and this includes tankless water heater repair services.

Schedule repair for your hot water heater in Chicago by contacting the team at American Vintage Home.

Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement

When it comes to appliances and components of your home, the water heater is one of the less expensive to replace. While replacement does represent an investment, sometimes it’s the most logical way to address your continuing water heater problems.

If you are regularly investing in repair, you may find that replacement is a more cost-effective option. The team at American Vintage Home can help you determine whether replacement or repair is the best option for your water heater.

Call American Vintage Home at 847-999-4595 or reach out online to discuss water heater replacement and repair with our qualified team.

Why Choose American Vintage Home for Water Heater Repair in Chicago’s North Shore?

American Vintage Home is no stranger to the Chicago area. We have been in the area for decades, and we specialize in older homes. Our plumbing team charges by the job, not by the hour, and we provide free estimates with no-surprises pricing. When you call us for water heater repair, we will answer your questions and give you a straightforward quote.

Cities We Serve

American Vintage Home provides top-rated water heater services to Chicago’s North Shore, including:

Customer Reviews of Our Water Heater Repair Services in Chicago

Check out a few of our happy customers that recently repaired their water heater and replaced their old water heater! With free estimates, upfront pricing, and an unrivaled installation process, we’re sure to meet any water heater need you may have.

If your hot water heater is running cold, you can get help. Call 847-999-4595 or contact American Vintage Home online for help. We proudly serve Chicago’s North Shore, including Evanston and Wilmette.