Product Specifications
Flow Rate : 2GPM @ 65psig

Product Dimensions
15.1″ X 3.6″ (7″ space needed with the hoses) X 2.52″

Capacity (in gallons): 8,480

Application: Residential POU (Point of Use). Same as our ADV (WD-S-8K-ADV) but with more Heavy Metal removal media, for residential areas with increased levels of heavy metals in the water.

Woder WD-S-HMADV-DC with Advanced Media (Gen3) and more Heavy Metal Removal formula for higher than EPA’s recommended level of Heavy Metals.

System includes: WD-S-HMADV-REP cartridge, Head with a built-in shut off valve, inlet hose – 3/8 female compression by 1/4 standard pipe thread, outlet hose- 3/8 m compression by 1/4 standard pipe.

Cartridge lifespan: 1 year under warranty.

Common applications includes; POU (Point of use) under sink water filtration system

Selective Filtration™ combined with additional heavy metal removal.

Heavy metals are present in all water supplies, however excessive levels of heavy metals require filtration formulated to remove excess contaminants. The problem is they accumulate in the body and are difficult to remove. Our ‘Combo’ Filter is made for communities with reported increased levels of heavy metals.

Selective Filtration™
Our proprietary Selective Filtration™ technology removes 99.99% of contaminants while leaving in all essential minerals. Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters also remove 99.99% of contaminants, however, they also remove ALL the minerals found in tap water. Many RO systems also waste thousands of gallons of water annually while flushing out contaminants down the drain.