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Is It Bad for Your AC To Run Constantly?

Air Conditioning

During the hot days of summer, it can be tempting to leave your air conditioning system on all day. Sometimes even the nights are hot, and most people enjoy a cool home for when they sleep. So, is it a good idea to run your air conditioner all day and night?

As with any appliance, the basic answer is “no.” Leaving your AC’s fan on can cause more harm than good. It’s always a good idea to give your appliances a break whenever you can. Without an occasional reprieve, your air conditioner can end up breaking down sooner, leading to system damage and a costly replacement.

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Why Your Air Conditioning System Shouldn’t Always Be Running

Running the “auto” function of your air conditioner all day and night isn’t the best idea for any home. There are a few reasons you don’t want to run your AC system all the time:

  • System stress: Your air conditioner unit needs time to take a break. If it’s running all the time, it can be damaging to the system and lead to the need for a costly replacement.
  • Energy bills: The cost to run your AC 24/7 can be high. Day after day, you’re using a lot of energy and will get hit by quite a bill at the end of the month for it.
  • Environmental issues: Running your AC unit uses a lot of energy, which tends to be bad for the environment. Even electric AC units obtain electricity potentially created by fossil fuels.
  • Fire risk: As with any appliance which runs all day and night, an air conditioner has a lot of moving parts that create friction. If the air conditioner runs constantly, these parts can overheat and cause a fire.

There are many reasons not to run an AC unit 24/7. Not only can it be costly, but it can also be dangerous.

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Alternatives to Running Your Air Conditioning System 24/7

Fortunately for those who want to cool their house all the time, the AC’s fan setting may be just as helpful as running the air conditioner.

Most thermostats have an “auto” function, which turns on the air compressor, brings warm air into the home, and cools the air with the coolant within the system. Another function is the “fan” option, which simply runs a fan to cool the home. When the fan is running, it can circulate the cool air that’s already in the home, keeping every room relatively cool.

Using a variety of fans throughout your home can help to keep the home cool when the “auto” function isn’t running on the AC system. It’s better to save your system the stress and yourself the money and not run your AC system all the time.

Keep Your AC System Maintained

Most importantly of all, make sure you keep up on air conditioner maintenance for your system. From air filter replacement to evaporator coil cleaning, American Vintage Home can handle it all. Our expert technicians know how to identify issues with your air conditioner and resolve them early. With our help, you can rest assured that your AC is ready for summer.

If your system needs replacement, we can handle that, too! We install top-quality air conditioner units and can perform air conditioner replacement services quickly and efficiently.

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to handle the heat. Contact American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595 to perform air conditioner maintenance at your home.

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