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Sewer problems are never any fun. Apart from the obvious unpleasantness, sewer problems interfere with your comfort, daily routine, and peace of mind — but it doesn’t have to be this way! If you live in the Chicagoland area, American Vintage Home can handle any sewer or drain problem you’re facing, bringing you fast, effective, and affordable solutions! If you’re facing problems with your sewer line — don’t stress! 

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Offering complete sewer line repair, drain cleaning, and sump pump services in and around Evanston, Wilmette, Oak Park, and beyond, American Vintage Home improves systems with fast and reliable service. More importantly, we hire only the very best plumbing technicians to work in your home and deliver service we can be proud of.

Big or small, American Vintage Home repairs every drain or sewer problem imaginable. From minor annoyances like slow drains to catastrophic plumbing disasters that require sewer repair, our professionals have seen and can fix anything.

Some of the most common sewer problems we repair include:

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Signs You May Need Sewer Line Repair

As your home ages, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the maintenance and repairs needed for your home to continue operating at peak performance. Sewer line problems are particularly worrisome because, if left unchecked, they could lead to expensive repairs and inconveniences for homeowners. However, there are signs that you may need to contact a professional for sewer line repairs, including:

  • Your toilet bowl water level is inconsistent. This could mean there’s a clog in your sewer system and could cause a backup.
  • Rodents and insects are attracted to your yard. Sewage pipe breaks tend to invite unwanted company onto your property.
  • You can smell sewage. If you can smell sewage in your home or yard, contact your plumber today, as this is not natural and indicates something is amiss with your system.
  • You have a soggy yard. Pooling in your yard could mean you have a sewage leak. Be sure to let your plumber know where the leak is, as it will help them find the problem.
  • You have slow drains. If your drains are taking longer than usual to empty themselves, contact a professional to take a look.
  • You’re hearing strange noises from your pipes. Gurgling noises from your drain or toilet are not a good sign, but the cause can be determined by a professional.
  • Your water bill has gone up. If you see an unusual spike in your water bill, this could indicate a sewer line leak that is wasting water and increasing your utility costs.

If you notice any of the above signs in your older North Shore-area home, give our expert technicians a call at (847) 999-4595 or contact us online to schedule your sewer repairs today!

Clearing an outside drain blocked with fat with a electric plumber's snake.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Repair

The experienced team at American Vintage Home has been serving homeowners throughout Evanston and Chicago’s North Shore for decades, and when it comes to sewer repairs, we’ve seen and heard it all. This is why we have compiled some of the most common questions we receive from customers, just like you, about our sewer repair.

What is trenchless sewer repair?

The latest technology in sewer repair allows technicians to mend your sewer line without the need to wreak havoc on your yard. American Vintage Home provides premium trenchless sewer repair and sewer relining services that are performed without having to dig up your pipes for repairs. To do this, our highly trained technicians place an inflatable bladder and epoxy relining material into your existing main sewer line. Once the bladder is inflated, the epoxy material molds to the shape of your existing pipe to create a new, durable pipe with a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

What causes sewer backup?

Usually, sewer backup is caused by clogged pipes. Toilet paper, soap scum, hair, and grease are all substances that can build up in your pipes, eventually leading to a blockage that forces water back up out of the pipes, rather than allowing it to flow down.

Can you prevent sewer repair?

While sewer problems may be unavoidable from time to time, there are some steps you can take to properly maintain the overall health and effectiveness of your home’s sewer lines, including:

  • Only use natural, enzyme cleaners: Stay away from chemical drain cleaners as these can severely damage your plumbing system.
  • Keep your sewer line away from trees, bushes, or plants: This will help reduce the threat of roots infiltrating your sewer line, especially if you have any hairline cracks in your pipes.
  • Avoid sending non-flushable items down the toilet: Wipes, personal hygiene products, coffee grounds, tissues — basically anything other than toilet paper or human waste — should never make its way down your toilet.
  • Replace your home’s old clay or lead pipes: If you have an older home in the North Shore area, it’s likely you have clay pipes or lead pipes. Pipes corrode over the years, so your best bet would be to replace these before you have more costly repairs on your hands.
  • Schedule an annual rooter cleaning service: Yearly drain cleaning services can help keep your sewer lines in peak condition and will significantly extend their overall service life!

Don’t see your question listed? Give us a call at (847) 999-4595 or reach out online and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your Chicagoland home’s sewer repair needs!

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You never have to question whether our team can do the job. If it concerns the water in your home, we do it! Are your drains backed up and creating an unsightly problem in your home? Our drain cleaning service will effectively remove the blockage and get the water in your pipes flowing freely.

The sewer lines in older homes are often worn and susceptible to tree root damage. If your aging pipes need to be replaced, our older home experts specialize in trenchless sewer relining. Using this advanced technology, our professionals will insert a new pipe into your existing sewer line without having to excavate your yard.

No matter what your drain or sewer needs are in the Chicago North Shore area, the industry experts at American Vintage Home are here to help. We offer 24/7 service for the most urgent situations. Call us at (847) 999-4595 or contact us online anytime, and we’ll get your sewers back to their best condition quickly! 

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Whether you need sewer line repair in Evanston or a drain unclogged in Wilmette, we are committed to exceeding your expectations in everything we do.

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