At American Vintage Home, we know everything there is to know about flood control systems. Taking the time to address your questions and concerns, we will help you choose the right flood control system for your home. Best of all, you can have peace of mind that your home will stay safe and intact through every storm.

How Does a Flood Control System Work?

These systems are designed to protect your home when the main sewer lines can’t. Flood control systems consist in part of one or two brass one-way flow valves that prevent sewage from flowing back to your house, while allowing sewage to flow toward the city sewer lines. Flood control systems also include an ejector pump that discharges waste water from the house when the city sewer lines back up and the flappers to your system are closed.

We’ll Help Protect Your Chicago North Shore Area Home

If you wish to have a flood control system installed in your home, our experienced technicians will recommend the right system for you. We will gather a full understanding of your property layout and home architecture to choose the system that’s best suited to your specific needs. We are familiar with the increased needs for flood prevention in Chicagoland, and will ensure that your home is safe from damaging floods.

Our engineering consultants and technicians have decades of field experience. Using their knowledge and expertise, they will do the job right to protect your home from water damage.

We Install, Maintain and Repair Flood Control Systems in Chicago’s North Shore Area

We do more than just install flood control systems. We also repair and maintain them to make sure your system is operating effectively year round. We will routinely inspect your system to make sure it is free of clogs or other issues that would cause it to malfunction. During our maintenance inspection, we will do the following:

  • Clean the components of your system,
  • Lubricate its moving parts and bolts,
  • Electronically test the condition and performance of the ejector pump
  • Clean the pump basin, and inspect all of the system components.

Once we have completed the above maintenance, we will ‘flood’ the system with water to ensure everything is working properly. If repairs are needed, we can perform them on the spot, so you won’t have to wait around for your flood control system to run properly.

If you notice anything unusual with your flood control system, don’t put off your Chicagoland home’s repairs! Call American Vintage Home today at 847-999-4595 or contact us online, and we’ll get your system in working order quickly and affordably, so you can have the invaluable peace of mind that our professional flood control systems offer. 

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