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Planting the Seeds for Cooling Success

Air Conditioning


Viewing Air Conditioning from a Gardener’s Perspective

August in Chicago’s North Shore area means one thing: farmers’ markets! Each week, residents have the opportunity to indulge in fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs from dozens of vendors. Of course, before visitors can purchase these fresh goods, vendors must take the necessary steps back at the garden or farm to ensure that they are growing the very best crops and that they are ready to be sold. After all, when it comes to running a business or owning something that you rely on, it’s crucial that you dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Similarly, just as farmers and gardeners take measures before setting up shop, homeowners need to tend to their comfort needs during the sizzling summer heat so that they can protect and maintain their cool.

Market Bound, Year-Round

For farmers, it’s not as simple as loading boxes of tomatoes and cucumbers into the truck and heading to the market on Saturday morning. For homeowners, the same holds true when it comes to their AC units: It’s not as simple as flipping the on switch time after time and enjoying the same chilled relief.

There are several steps that should be taken, including:

  • Research. When it comes to gardening, there’s no room for guesswork. To tackle it like a pro, you need to understand which crops should be planted when, which plants require more sunlight, how much water your vegetables need and so on. Similarly, when it comes to selecting the best air conditioning unit for your home, you should know what to look for. From energy efficiency to humidity control to central air conditioning to ductless units, you need to find the best cooling solution for your home, your comfort requirements and your budget. At American Vintage Home, our consultants have done their research. We can analyze your home and its unique architecture and then present you with several just-for-you options.
  • Maintenance. Vendors have selected their plants and veggies. Now, they need to show them some TLC. From watering and fertilizing to weeding and mulching, there are several steps in maintaining a fruit or vegetable garden. Likewise, once you’ve selected and installed an AC unit, it’s important to tend to it and maintain it. Why? Well, routine maintenance safeguards your system against an unexpected breakdown, extends the lifespan of your unit, maximizes your energy efficiency, prevents more expensive air conditioning repairs in Oak Park, IL and the surrounding areas, and more. Thankfully, at American Vintage Home, we offer the most comprehensive Home Service Plan in the industry. This way, we can get our hands dirty and maintain your system for you.
  • Expert advice. When someone’s on the right track, they typically want to make sure that they’re doing anything and everything possible to protect their investment. So, when you’re just starting out as a gardener or farmer, one of the smartest things you can do is to take tips from the seasoned professionals. And just as a garden companion can serve to be very helpful, so are the experts at American Vintage Home when it comes to maintaining your home’s comfort system. We make it easy to Ask the Experts, so you can get the insight and assistance you need with your HVAC equipment.
  • Seasonal planning. As summer will soon come to a close, farmers and gardeners can’t help but think about what to plant next season. Just as they plan ahead, you should do the same with your home’s comfort system. If your air conditioning unit hasn’t lived up to your expectations, start considering whether you stand to benefit from an air conditioning upgrade. Plus, now’s the time to schedule that annual tune-up for your heating system. In doing so, you can avoid the need for a heating repair in Oak Park, IL or the surrounding neighborhoods when the cold weather rolls in.

Choose Local, Choose the Best

Just like your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables, American Vintage Home is locally grown. Serving Chicago’s North Shore for decades, we are proud to be an industry-leading HVAC and plumbing provider for locals in our area. Whether you’re in need of an air conditioning repair in Evanston, IL, a furnace replacement in Wilmette, IL, or a drain cleaning in Oak Park, IL, our experts deliver comprehensive services and fresh solutions.

To learn more about our services or to speak with a representative, call American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595 or contact us online today.

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