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The Best Air Filters for Allergies

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Air filters are primarily used to protect your HVAC system, but they also play a significant role in mitigating allergy symptoms. The best air filters for allergies are designed to capture microscopic particles that can lead to allergy attacks or worsened symptoms.

But which air filters are best for your specific HVAC system? In this blog, we help homeowners understand how to choose the best air filters for combatting allergy symptoms and keeping their equipment protected.

Air Filtration vs. Air Purification: Which Is Best for You?

Homeowners typically have two options for improving indoor air quality: air filtration or air purification. The biggest difference between these two air quality enhancers is their breadth of protection. Because air filters are installed inside your HVAC system, they help purify the air throughout your home, reducing airborne allergens. 

On the other hand, air purifiers offer more targeted purification and are ideal for extra air purification in a specific area of the home. If you have a family member that suffers from allergies more than other household members, installing an air purifier in their room may be a good idea. 

How To Choose the Air Filters for Allergies & Asthma

There are many different air filters, and deciding without knowing what to look for can be overwhelming. When shopping for the best air filters for allergies and asthma, it’s essential to consider the following: 

  • Measure Your Space: The size of your home is a significant factor when determining the type of air filter you need. Take careful measurements of your space before shopping so you know precisely how powerful your purifier needs to be. 
  • Check CADR Rate: CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This measurement indicates how large an area the purifier is designed to treat. Make sure the CADR for your chosen system is at least the size of your room (or larger).
  • Choose HEPA Filters: While most air purifiers rely on HEPA air filters, this isn’t always guaranteed. Verify that the air purifier either has a HEPA air filter or is compatible with them before purchasing. Make sure the filters can be easily replaced as well. 

Other Ways To Allergy-Proof Your HVAC Equipment

Using an air purifier and regularly changing your air filters aren’t the only ways to mitigate allergy symptoms. There are other things that homeowners can do to prevent allergy attacks, including: 

Annual Tune-ups 

Proper HVAC system maintenance is the key to keeping unwanted dust, debris, and allergens out of your home air supply. You should schedule heating and cooling maintenance at least once annually. In between annual service, be sure to: 

  • Clean air ducts, vents, and registers regularly
  • Change air filters once every 90 days (45 days for allergy sufferers and pet owners)
  • Inspect ductwork for leaks periodically

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers 

The humidity level can have a significant impact on your indoor air quality. If your indoor humidity falls below 30%, it can lead to dryness and irritation in the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. Indoor moisture above 50% can encourage mold and mildew growth, leading to severe allergic reactions. Installing a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier can help bring your home’s humidity to its ideal level. 

Home Maintenance 

Along with your HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality, you can try other general home maintenance tricks to reduce the number of allergens indoors. These include: 

  • Opening windows and doors periodically to let fresh air in
  • Regularly grooming long-haired pets
  • Refraining from smoking indoors
  • Using air vents while cooking
  • Vacuuming frequently
  • Washing bedding routinely
  • Removing shoes before coming inside

Choose the Best Air Filters for Your HVAC System With American Vintage Home

If you want to improve the air quality in your Chicago-area home, American Vintage Home offers the indoor air quality solutions you seek. Offering a broad variety of air filtration and purification solutions backed by a team of continuously trained technicians, we are confident in our team’s ability to bring cleaner, fresher breathing air to your home. 

Request indoor air quality services in Chicago by contacting American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595 today! 

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