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Serving the Chicago North Shore area for decades, American Vintage Home is proud to be an industry-leading HVAC and plumbing provider. Offering free estimates, emergency service and much more, see why the locals continue to choose us.

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At the age of 26, Mike decided to leave New Zealand and travel the world. After five years of exploring Europe and Africa, he settled in the United States where he married his wife and had four children. Mike is an avid sports fan who loves football, rugby, baseball and golf.


Dominick chose to go into this field because it's what his grandfather did. When he was a kid, he would go out on jobs with him and always found it interesting because it used a combination of math, science, and technical know-how to get the job done.


Brian has been in the plumbing field since 2012 and is a sewer specialist. He enjoys his line of work because he likes figuring out problems and correcting them. His customers and coworkers appreciate his energy and friendly attitude. He and his wife are both originally from Florida and have two dogs. Outside of work, Brian likes to play hockey, work on cars, and travel. He hopes to see the Aurora Borealis someday.

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