It’s wonderful that a vaccine for COVID-19 is on the horizon, but it’s possible, even likely, that the coronavirus will not completely go away once the vaccine is distributed.

Much like the flu virus, which requires yearly vaccines and vigilance every flu season, this may be something we have to be careful about for years to come.

So we are thrilled to offer a solution that will keep your family safer: The Reme Halo Air Purifier.

News Story Detailing the Test Findings:

RGF Environmental Group, the company that produces the Reme Halo, recently announced the results of a months-long test of their equipment against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, more commonly known as COVID-19. The result: “The study results show the REME HALO® to be effective in combating the COVID-19 virus and a valuable solution to immediately improve the Indoor Air Quality of residential and commercial spaces and protect occupants against exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

The independent, third-party study began in March of 2020, shortly after the virus hit the US with a first wave of infections. The study revealed that the Halo has an efficacy of 99.9% against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The testing was performed at Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratories in Cypress, California.

Read the RGF press release to learn more.

The bottom line is that there are steps you can take to ensure your family’s health and safety, not just through COVID-19 but every year as flu season hits.

The Reme Halo has not only been proven to neutralize COVID-19, but also:

  • MRSA
  • Strep
  • Listeria
  • Norwalk
  • Bird flu
  • Tuberculosis

So How Does It Work?

The Reme Halo works in three distinct ways, each of which contributes to your overall air quality.

The Halo is installed so that it is directly inside the ductwork of your home. It activates when the blower fan in your HVAC system turns on, so that it’s never operating idly while your full heating and cooling system is not in use.

The system even works with SpacePak and Unico air conditioning systems. That’s great news for our customers in older homes using radiator heat. Even in the winter the Halo will work by turning on the fan and circulating air throughout your home.

Ongoing Benefits of Clean Air

The coronavirus is our major concern as a society right now. This may be hard to imagine, but eventually, it’s going to pass.

But when that time comes, the air in your home will still be a vital concern to the health of your family. After all, how much time do you spend in your home? How much peace of mind would clean, allergen-free, disease-free air give you?

We would be happy to discuss your specific indoor air quality needs to find the best for for your home and family. Give us a call, and we will set up a free quote!