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How To Get an Older Home Ready for Summer

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Sprucing up your vintage home with each season change helps preserve its structural integrity and curb appeal. It also ensures your plumbing and HVAC systems operate at optimal levels. With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to get your older home ready for Chicago’s notorious combo of heat and humidity at this time of the year.

Stay Cool This Summer: How To Get Your AC System Ready

Vintage homes come with unique challenges when it comes to staying comfortably cool. They typically have less insulation than modern homes, lack central air, and have poor ventilation. Each and every one of these limitations make it difficult to keep cool in hot and humid weather.

Try one or more of these strategies to deal with the heat and make your living space more comfortable during the summer months.

  • Install ceiling fans: Ceiling fans help circulate air and create cooling breezes. They can also reduce the load on air conditioning units.
  • Use window AC units: Window air conditioners can be a great option when you only need to cool specific rooms or areas inside your home.
  • Improve insulation: Additional insulation in the walls, attic, and basement helps reduce heat transfer and keep your home cooler.
  • Window treatments: Shading devices like blinds, awnings, and shutters help block out the sun’s rays, especially when the heat peaks in the afternoon and early evening.

If your home lacks central air conditioning, installing it now can make a significant difference in keeping your vintage home cool this summer. Fortunately, newer mini-duct systems make it easier than ever to invest in AC for an older home, even if it doesn’t have existing ductwork.

Modernize Your Vintage Home’s AC With SpacePak

The innovative SpacePak system puts out high-velocity air through small ducts that can be snaked through walls or between floor joists. It’s a fantastic option for people who live in historic, older, and vintage homes.

Units fit easily in attics, closets, or basements. The small outlets SpackPak uses can be placed in floors, ceilings, and walls and come in various finishes that beautifully match any interior design. The SpacePak system also removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional forced air systems, a blessing during Chicago’s high-humidity periods.

Summer Plumbing Checklist: Tips for Preventing Plumbing Problems

Maintaining your home’s plumbing ensures it functions efficiently and effectively. It also helps prevent plumbing emergencies so you can kick back and relax this summer! Follow this checklist to ensure your plumbing is in good shape:

  1. Inspect the water heater for any signs of damage, rust, or leaks. Have the heater flushed to remove accumulated sediment.
  2. Check for leaks by inspecting all pipes, faucets, and valves. Fix any minor issues to prevent them from turning into major problems.
  3. Check outdoor faucets for leaks, damage, or obstructions.
  4. Clean out gutters so water overflow doesn’t damage the plumbing or foundation.
  5. Test the sump pump, if you have one, to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Lastly, if you’re heading out of town for an extended vacation, it’s a good idea to turn off the main water supply and drain the pipes to prevent water damage while you’re away. And if you discover any issues with your plumbing, seek the help of a licensed plumber to avoid further damage or more costly repairs.

Don’t Sweat It: How To Ensure Your AC & Plumbing Systems Are Ready for Summer

Don’t let HVAC or plumbing problems ruin your summer! The expert air conditioning technicians and plumbers at American Vintage Home are the most reliable home care professionals you will find in the North Shore area.

To learn more about the SpacePak system or get more tips on preparing your older home for summer, contact American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595.

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