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Tired of Window AC Units?

Air Conditioning


Don’t Sweat It.

Some routines are easy and comfortable. Others are time-consuming and annoying. Here’s one routine that’s clearly no fun: Trudging down to the basement, dragging window air conditioners out of storage and fitting them—snugly and safely—into place for the summer.

Then, of course, lucky homeowners get to do it all over again—in reverse—at summer’s end. That’s a lot of work for window units that are often inefficient, noisy and messy.

Still, some homeowners are reluctant to toss out their window units because they fear an upgrade might be costly and still inefficient. Others worry about the inconvenience of AC maintenance or the inevitable price of an air conditioning repair in Chicago’s North Shore area. Or, if you don’t have ducts, you can’t fathom how an AC system can be added without damaging your beloved house and costing a bundle.

No matter what the reason, though, adding an air conditioning unit to older homes can be easier and less costly than you might think.

First Things First

Whether it’s a classic Cape Cod, an older farmstead, a breathtaking brownstone or another vintage home style, older homes are typically designed to take advantage of the natural breeze, rather than the modern amenity of air conditioning. But, as temperatures rise, so does our intolerance for the heat.

Before making the switch to central air, here’s what you need to know:

  • Proper sizing is key. A properly sized air conditioning system is the most important factor for a comfortable home. Systems that are too big or too small will lead to a host of problems and complaints—it’s too loud, it breaks down too often, some rooms are too hot, some rooms are too cold, the electricity bills are too high, and so on. A professional installer, like American Vintage Home, will conduct a thorough analysis of your home and recommend the best system for you and your comfort requirements.
  • Ducts are not needed. If your home does not have ductwork or if you are adding new rooms to your home, you can opt for ductless air conditioning. Unlike traditional, forced-air systems, which have one or two central blower units that push air through ducts, ductless mini-split systems have individual blower units that are installed in multiple zones throughout your house. These systems require less power than traditional systems, are smaller in size, operate quietly and offer a noninvasive installation.
  • Find the most energy-efficient option. In general, today’s systems must be 14 SEER—which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a measure of how much cooling you get for each watt of power used. So, the higher an AC unit’s SEER rating, the more energy-efficient it is, which will affect the operating costs of your new system. Working with your budget, a professional will guide you toward the right SEER rating for your home—one that will balance efficiency and meet your home’s comfort needs.

Contact American Vintage Home for AC Installations

Specializing in older home preservation, American Vintage Home understands your needs and concerns. We love helping homeowners like you boost your comfort, without compromising your home’s unique architecture. Proudly offering air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair in Wilmette, IL, and the surrounding areas, our experts are here for all of your cooling needs. We will walk you through an upgrade, discuss options that fit your budget and your needs, tackle the installation process, and offer a final walk-through once our work is complete to ensure that you’re 100 percent satisfied.

If you are considering installing central air conditioning in your older home, there is no better team to design and install your system than American Vintage Home. In fact, we are the largest installers in the country for SpacePak and a leading installer for Unico air conditioning systems—the perfect systems for your radiator-heated home.

To learn more about our services or to speak with a representative, call American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595 or contact us online today.

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