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Warm Up to These 10 Holiday Heating Tips



Cozy Homes Make Happy Memories

Your home is your retreat. This is especially true during winter when temperatures are extreme. As we approach this holiday season, it’s important to put your guests first and think about their comfort and safety. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping your home warm enough. After all, nothing can take the fun out of a holiday party faster than a freezing house!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to preserve heat and give your home that cozy feel. In addition to heating solutions such as boiler installation services in Evanston, IL, there are other options to consider. We’ve written our list (and checked it twice), drawing on what we’ve learned as HVAC professionals. Now, we’re ready to share our holiday heating tips with you.

Warm Here, There and Everywhere

Are you nervous about guests staying in the cold room that never warms up? Are you prepared to adjust your shower schedule because you know your water heater can’t handle the extra usage? Whether your heating equipment is outdated or you’re just looking for some small pointers, here’s how you can keep your home warm and safe this holiday season:

1. Turn down the thermostat a few degrees.
Ovens add a lot of heat. If you’re the chef this year, turn down the thermostat to adjust for the extra heat. You want your guests to be warm, not roasting like the turkey!

2. Caulk and seal any drafts.
You can have the best heating system around. But if your home is full of drafts, it will never feel warm! Look for any openings near doors and windows and caulk and seal as necessary.

3. Schedule that maintenance checkup.
Heaters are machines, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled. If you haven’t maintained your system in a while (or ever), it’s more susceptible to mechanical failure. Do yourself and your guests a favor by maintaining your heater ahead of time.

4. Change the air filter.
If you own a forced-air furnace, it’s important to change the air filter regularly. As debris builds up in the filter, it will recirculate throughout your home whenever the furnace turns on. During the winter, change the air filter once a month to improve your air quality and accommodate guests with allergies.

5. Clean out your drier vent.
Dry winter air and lint buildup from the drier create the perfect recipe for a house fire. To play it safe, monitor the drier vent and clean it out regularly. 

6. Keep flammable items away from heat sources.
Who doesn’t love a holiday candle? But before you strike a match, make sure your candles and other heat sources are far away from flammable items such as curtains.

7. Don’t block the air vents.
When you’re expecting a full house, you might need to rearrange furniture. But as you’re doing this, it’s important to keep the air vents open and unobstructed. You’d be amazed how much colder your home can feel when a couch or other piece of furniture is blocking the vent.

8. Show extreme caution with space heaters.
Portable, efficient and affordable—what’s not to like about space heaters? Well for one thing, they can be very dangerous!Space heaters pose shock, fire and power strain hazards. If you are going to use them, turn them off whenever you leave the house or go to sleep.

9. Think about your water heater.
Do you find that your water heater fails to supply enough hot water? If this is the case, consider the many benefits of tankless water heaters. These systems run on demand and provide an endless supply of hot water. No more coordinating showers and worrying about guests taking cold ones! To learn more about tankless water heaters, check out our video.

10. Consider a zoning system.
Hot and cold spots are a common problem in homes, especially in older ones. Thankfully, modern-day technology allows us to control the different zones in our homes. With a zoning system, you can eliminate hot and cold spots for good. This is especially beneficial when family members have different temperature preferences and guests are more susceptible to the cold.

Make Your Holidays Picture-Perfect With American Vintage Home

Between planning the menu and decorating the house, it takes a lot to host for the holidays. At American Vintage Home, we’re here to handle all of your heating needs. Whether you need emergency boiler replacement in Evanston, IL, or you have a question to ask our experts, we’re here for you this holiday season.

To schedule service for your home, call American Vintage Home at (847) 999-4595 or contact us online today.

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