You Local Provider for Routine Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance

The regular maintenance of your heating, cooling and plumbing systems is essential to your home’s comfort and efficiency. That’s why American Vintage Home offers the most comprehensive Home Service Plan in the industry. We take care of all the little things with your equipment that make a big difference in the long run.

Maintaining your equipment requires time and technical knowledge that most people don’t have. For a small monthly charge, we’ll look after your systems and make sure everything is working just as it should be. Plus, you’ll automatically receive big discounts if any repairs are needed.

What Are the Benefits of Regular HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance?

We’re glad you asked! Our Home Service Plan is designed to:

  • Prevent emergencies
  • Improve system safety
  • Keep manufacturing warranties up-to-date
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Deliver year-round peace of mind

We also customize our maintenance services according to your needs. Choose from our Cooling, Heating and Plumbing maintenance plans or mix and match as you see fit! Speak with one of our friendly professionals today to discuss what is best for your home!

All Home Service Plans Include:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive 50-point heating, cooling & plumbing maintenance inspections with scheduling reminders
  • Should your equipment that is covered by your Home Service Plan need service beyond your initial maintenance call, the service call or initial diagnostic charge in our immediate service area will be waived (normally a $79 value). If you are outside of our immediate service area, a $79 credit is applied to your service call charge.
  • Priority emergency service
  • Should your equipment that is covered by your Home Service Plan need service after-hours, the after-hours service call will be discounted $79.
  • 15% discount on plumbing repairs for all Plumbing plans
  • 15% discount on HVAC maintenance & repairs for combined Heating & Cooling plans
  • 10% discount on HVAC maintenance & repairs for individual Heating or Cooling plans
  • 7% off on all new installations & contracted work
  • Licensed, certified & trained technicians

AC Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Clean outside condensing unit coil
  • Check refrigerant levels & pressure
  • Inspect & flush condensate drain
  • Check overflow switches
  • Inspect all safety & operational controls
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check high & low pressure switches
  • Examine air filter & replace if you have one on hand
  • Check voltage & amperage of all motors
  • Check all motors & blades; lube if needed
  • Inspect & tighten wiring connections
  • …And much more!

Heating Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Clean & adjust gas burners
  • Inspect for proper operation of igniter or pilot light
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks & leaks
  • Check flue pipe
  • Check and record CO/CO2 levels in exhaust to ensure proper combustion
  • Check all safety & operational controls
  • Inspect flame operation for safety & performance
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Examine air filter and replace if you have one on hand
  • Check bearings of blower/pump
  • Check expansion tanks
  • …And much more!

Plumbing Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Complimentary camera inspection of your sewer system (upon request)
  • Inspect water meter & emergency shut-off valve
  • Inspect outside lawn faucets & exposed pipe for leaks & corrosion
  • Inspect water heater’s safety controls & venting
  • Inspect toilets for leaks; perform dye test
  • Inspect faucets for leaks & corrosion
  • Inspect washing machine supply hoses
  • Inspect sump pump & floats
  • Apply environmentally friendly treatment to all indoor drains
  • …And much more!

Plan Costs in Our Immediate Service Area:

Single Plan Costs:

Cooling Service Plan: $12/month
Heating Service Plan: $12/month
Plumbing Service Plan: $12/month

Combine & Save!

Pick 2: Heating, Cooling, or Plumbing: $20/month (savings of $48/year)
Pick 3: Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing: $30/month (savings of $72/year)

To schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians or discuss your Home Service Plan options, contact us online today! Maintaining your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems is an important first step toward peace of mind when it comes to the long-term enjoyment of your home.


Heating and Cooling listed prices include one unit each. Other offers and discounts are not valid toward cost of the Home Service Plan. Home Service Plan discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Service Call Charges are waived if within American Vintage Home’s immediate service area, other Area Charges may apply. Surcharges may apply based upon location, equipment type, and access. The condition of the heater, air conditioner, or plumbing system will be reported at the time of maintenance service, but does not imply any warranties to their performance in the future. Customers are responsible for any additional service work provided outside the scope of the plan. Monthly amounts must be paid by credit card, debit card, or automatic bank withdrawal. Service under this plan shall continue and renew each year until terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days prior written notice. American Vintage Home reserves the right to terminate service at any time in the event of non-payment by customer.